Tip – How to sell safely on Pettyads?




Never send or give to hand your item before you will receive payment.



Meeting the buyer face to face


Do not give buyers your personal details until you are sure that they are the people you made a deal.

(If possible never give your personal details).

For your personal safety, meet in a ‘lighted’ public place rather than your home and always take someone with you, or at least tell a friend where you’re going.



General Tips


Be aware of not trusted buyer, if somebody try to get your personal information or tell you that item you are selling was stolen you suppose to report this fact to Garda.

Use your common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If a buyer offers a vastly reduced buying price or offers to pay more than you are asking for - be aware that they may be trying to con you.

Visit: Pettyads and enjoy your shoping.